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Silver Nitrate Properties:
Synonyms:                             AgNO3,  Silver(I) Nitrate.
Formula Weight:                   169.87 grams/Mole — (AgNO3 contains 63.50% Silver)
Density:                                  4.35 grams per cubic centimeter (when compressed)
Density:                                 2.21 grams per cubic centimeter (in powder form, like we sell)
Particle Size:                          0.021 inches max – (21 thousandths of an inch)
Melting Point:                        212°C ( 413°F )
Boiling Point:                         440°C ( 824°F )


  • Precursor to other silver compounds:Silver nitrate is the least expensive salt of silver; it offers several other advantages as well. It is non-hygroscopic, in contrast to silver fluoroborate and silver perchlorate. It is relatively stable to light.
  • silver salts with non-coordinating anions, namely silver tetrafluoroborate and silver hexafluorophosphate are used for more demanding applications.
  • Silver nitrate is used in many ways in organic synthesis, e.g. for deprotection and oxidations. Ag+ binds alkenes reversibly, and silver nitrate has been used to separate mixtures of alkenes by selective absorption.
  • In histology, silver nitrate is used for silver staining, for demonstrating reticular fibers, proteins and nucleic acids. For this reason it is also used to demonstrate proteins in PAGE gels. It can be used as a stain in scanning electron microscopy
  • Silver salts have antiseptic properties.Fused silver nitrate, shaped into sticks, was traditionally called “lunar caustic”. It is used as a cauterizing agent.Silver nitrate is used to cauterize superficial blood vessels in the nose to help prevent nose bleeds.
  • Much research has been done in evaluating the ability of the silver ion at inactivating Escherichia coli, a microorganism commonly used as an indicator for fecal contamination and as a surrogate for pathogens in drinking water treatment.
  • Repeated daily application of silver nitrate can induce adequate destruction of cutaneous warts, but occasionally pigmented scars may develop.

Available Packing Size: 25 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram, 500 gram, 1000 gram.

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