Tallow Diamine (N-tallowalkyl-1,3-propanediamine) is a specialized fatty amine used as a surfactant. It has a weak, ammonia like odor. Its color can range from pale yellow to amber and it typically has a semisolid appearance. Tallow Diamine is soluble in organic solvents and its pH balance becomes alkaline when mixed with water. Tallow Diamine is considered corrosive.

Tallow Diamine has a range of applications in various industries. In the construction industry it finds use as an anti- stripping agent and asphalt emulsifier. In the textile industry, Tallow Diamine is used to manufacture organic pigments

Form : Liquid
Other Trade Name : N-Tallow-1,3-propylenediamine
Chemical Formula : upspecified
Molecular Weight : 319 g/mol
Appearance : light yellow paste
Diamine content (%) : 92 min
Total amine value (mgKOH/g): 323-356
Iodine value (g/100g) : 32-50
Color (Gardener) : 5 max
Water content (%) : 1 max
Packing : 20, 25, 50, 100 Ltr.
Applications : Raw materials for asphalt emulsifiers
The emulsion manufactured with this emulsifier is mainly used for Chip seal,
Tack coat and Sand seal.
Used for flotation agents, thickeners, anti-foaming agent, adhesion promoter,
water repellents and corrosion inhibitors
Safety and Handling : Refer Safety Data Sheet

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