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Yara Yara crystals that have the aroma of neroli / orange blossom with added sweetness and a slight ‘elastoplast’ finish. Also known as nerolin / nerolin yara / beta-naphthol methyl ether. It is a stabilizer found in gunpowder, particularly smokeless gunpowders. A powerful traditional perfumery material with a sweet floral aroma of orange blossom, acacia and neroli. Widely used in classic fragrances.This is a highly refined >99% pure grade, made especially for use in perfumery. It comes as pearlescent powdery crystals, that are rather beautiful but take quite a lot of agitation to dissolve successfully so for those who don’t have access to an automatic stirrer or shaker we also offer it at 5% in ethanol through this product.

  • The perfect addition for sweet, narcotic floral perfumes.
  • To use you will need to dissolve the crystals in a little ethanol, perfumers alcohol or, depending on what you are making, you can place them directly with the raw materials and dissolve over a gentle heat.Melting in a bain marie over a gentle heat also works.

Dissolving rates:

  • Dissolve up to 1g in up to 10g perfumers alcohol
  • If you use a greater amount than 1g yara yara in the above dilution quantities not all the crystals will dissolve.


  • It is used to blend low-grade colored soap, detergent and daily necessities. The scent type is orange blossom, jasmine and lily. In addition, it can be used to impart heavier floral notes to the low-grade cologne and flower-flavor flavors. It can also be used for plastic products that require alkali and heat resistance, and aromatherapy of synthetic rubber products.
  • This product is a fragrance with a scent of orange blossom, used as a soap essence and a cheap cosmetic fragrance. This is a pharmaceutical intermediate used to produce naproxen, an anti-inflammatory analgesic.
  • Mainly used for blending soap flavors, popular toilet water and cologne.


Chemical Name β – Naphthyl Methyl Ether
Formula: C11H10O
Appearance white crystalline flakes,orange flower
Melting Point  72.00 to 76.00 °C.
Assay 99.00 to 99.98 %
Soluble in Alcohol
Insoluble in Water

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