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Product Information:
TOILET Cleaner Descaler Gel Vacuum : RXSOL-15-1558-005
triple action jelled green bowl cleaner that cleans, deodorizer toilet bowls and other similar surfaces, And this product is specialized as Scale Remover Gel for vacuum pipes and toilet systems. This is an environmentally friendly and efficient treatment designed for removal of hard water scale, urine scale build-up and accumulated waste in vacuum pipes and toilet systems. Our 20 Years experience makes us produce quick and deep penetrating formulation then others which loosens encrusted lime deposits, soil, stains and scum with ease and quickly.  Destroys bacteria on contact and leaves toilet areas with a fresh, mint odor.  It easy to use because the product is jelled and will cling to undersides of bowl rims and on vertical surfaces.

Product Application:

  • Regular routine uses of Scale Remover Gel puts an end to scale in toilet systems.
  • Inside sewage pipes Urine combines with minerals in the water to form a thick, hard scale layer. which is restricting the flow of sewage and reducing vacuum efficiency and eventually blocking the pipes. In horizontal fittings especially, the aggressive salts can attack valves and piping over a period of time.
  • RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel effectively dissolves scale deposition in toilets or vacuum pipes during routine treatment. Removal of mild scale build-up can be carried out without closing down toilet sections.
  • RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel also works on severely toughest clogged pipes. Use regularly RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel to permanently stop scale formation.

Using Procedure:
Add 20ml RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel to each toilet every alternate day. In general practice dose RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel when the load on the system is at a minimum. This will keep RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel inside the system for the longest possible time.
For Digital Dosing Unit 10 ml  of RXSOL-15-1558-005 required everyday. For week time calculation can be done as follows :
Calculate 10ml  RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel per toilet per day about 700ml a week.
Dosing small quantities at frequent intervals is the preferable and most effective cleaning method.

For Manual Dosing
Add 50ml of RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel daily (25ml in the morning and 25ml in the evening).
RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel is based on vacuum depth, water hardness, temperature, placing of the dosing units and the number of toilets in the line.

Tips for manual dosing :
Remove excess water from bowl by forcing over trap with applicator swab.
Press excess water out of the swab.
Saturate swab with Might Mint, hold bottle and swab over bowl.
Clean the entire bowl, under the rim and at water outlets.  Flush to rinse swab and rinse Mighty Mint off.
To clean urinals, saturate the swab with Mighty Mint holding swab and bottle over the urinal, swab the entire surface with attention to grooves at sides and water outlets at the top.
Flush well and rinse out swab.

Product Note:

  • Routine use of RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel saves time and money on maintenance.
  • Avoids costly blockages and pipe replacement due to urinary scaling.
  • A unique biological degradable product that is safe and efficient
  • No need to use high pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals.
  • Gentle on users, vacuum system parts, and vacuum pipes.
  • Does not corrode metal, damage PEH pipes or dissolve gaskets.
  • Safe on stainless steel, acrylic plastic and good quality paint.
  • Formulated with a high quality inhibitor to prevent system damage.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Routine use of Honey Bee  MR 120 Scale Remover Gel saves time and money on maintenance.

Product Technical Specification:
The properties of the Gel provide for extended dwell time and effective distribution in vacuum system lines. This powerful product prevents scale build-up in vacuum toilet lines, holding tanks and components and keeps sewage flowing freely. RXSOL Scale Remover Gel can also be used directly on scale build-up in toilet bowls for local cleaning and is safe for use on stainless steel, plastic and paint.

Available Packing Size: 500 ml, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 Kg Jar.

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