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Product Information:
Sodium methoxide is a chemical compound with the formula CH3ONa. This white solid, which is formed by the deprotonation of methanol, is a widely used reagent in industry and the laboratory. It is also a dangerously caustic base.
In the solid form, sodium methoxide is polymeric, with sheet-like arrays of Na+ centers, each bonded to four oxygen centers.
The structure, and hence the basicity, of sodium methoxide in solution depends on the solvent. It is a significantly stronger base in DMSO where it is more fully ionized and free of hydrogen bonding.

Product Application:
Organic synthesis: Sodium methoxide is a routinely used base in organic chemistry, applicable to the synthesis of numerous compounds ranging from pharmaceuticals to agrichemicals. As a base, it is employed in dehydrohalogenations and various condensations. It is also a nucleophile for the production of methyl ethers.
Industrial applications: Sodium methoxide is used as an initiator of anionic addition polymerization with ethylene oxide, forming a polyether with high molecular weight. Biodiesel is prepared from vegetable oils and animal fats, that is, fatty acid triglycerides, by transesterification with methanol to give fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). This transformation is catalyzed by sodium methoxide.

Product Note:
Sodium Methoxide is highly caustic and reacts with water to give methanol, which is toxic and volatile.

Product Technical Specification:

Appearance White solid
Melting point 127 °C (261 °F; 400 K)
Boiling point 350 °C (662 °F; 623 K) (decomposition)
Solubility in water Reacts with water
Solubility Soluble in ethanolmethanol
Insoluble in hydrocarbons


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