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Product Information:
Seacleaner 25 Ltr : RXSOL-20-2002-025
Advanced  tank cleaner and degreaser classified product. Gives effective cleaning and gas-freeing of double bottom, deep, and fuel oil tanks due to its concentrated emulsifier blend with petroleum solvents. Specially formulated for cleaning of oily greasy surface of tanks.  to emulsify all types of oils using hot or cold processes. Also suitable cleaning of spills on deck, ships side, piers, engine room wharfs, etc
Seacleaner is strong degreaser and tank cleaner for all types of petroleum and aromatic based compound. RXSOL brand seaclean differs from other as it contains Rice Bran based long chain emulsifier along with other emulsifier which is used in general common brand in market. Due to presence of long chain emulsifier petroleum derivatives are not only quickly degreasing from surface but also easily mixed and dissolved into water, which results less hydrocarbon traces on tank surface.
RXSOL Seacleaner is a premium quality product specially formulated for cleaning oily greasy surfaces of tanks.  to emulsify all types of oils using hot or cold processes. Field area double bottom, deep and wing tanks etc, used for fuel oils. It can also be used for local cleaning and degreasing of engine rooms and on deck.
Highly concentrated product only ½ to 1 litre of RXSOL-20-2002-210 required per tonne of water, when ROCK and Roll tank cleaning method was adopted. Refer below ‘ Dose ‘ block to view complete method.

Product Application:
RXSOL seaclean is formulated for cleaning double bottom, deep and wing tanks used for petroleum fuel oils. Aromatic chain compounds have special features and its chain bonding in molecules are very strong, so its cleaning always requires a special type of cleaner.
Our team is continuously working on daily problems faced by customers, and observed that after using SEA Clean all oil base compounds are emulsified and cleaned out. But if tanks / vessels are required complete removal of hydrocarbon even traces, smell from tank surface then repetition of tank cleaning through RXSOL-16-1011-210 .

Using Procedure:
Directions for Use and Dose Rates: RXSOL-20-2002-025 is  specially formulated for cleaning double bottom, deep and wing tanks etc, used for fuel oils. It can also be used for local cleaning and degreasing of engine rooms and on deck.
Soak Method: for heavy soil put parts into undiluted RXSOL-20-2002-025, for general soiling use a solution of 10-30% RXSOL-20-2002-025 in water. Parts should be soaked for at least 30 minutes before washing off with water.
Spraying Method: Use neat RXSOL-20-2002-025 over all soiled areas. Allow 10-20 minutes for reaction , then rinse with a high pressure water hose., Scrubbing will assist the cleaning operation  for stubborn deposits.
Rock and Roll Method: Recommended time to clean and gas-free under normal circumstances would be 3-6 days ,for cleaning of double bottom tanks at sea.

  • First of all  heat the remaining oil in tanks .
  • By stripping constantly. flush the tank with sea water,
  • Close  all suction and discharge valves .
  • 1stDose  Fill the tanks by ½ to 1 litre RXSOL-20-2002-025 per ton of water  through a pipe or manhole, for 75-80% of capacity of the tank to be cleaned.
  • Then fill the tank to 25% capacity with sea water, raise the temperature up to 60°C maximum, and maintain this  temperature for 24 hours.
  • Top up the tank to 75-80% capacity with sea water, continue to heat for 48 to 72 hours.
  • Discharge and strip tank. Fill to 50-60% capacity with sea water and allow 2 hours rinsing time.
  • Discharge tank and strip, flushing tank with sea water for 2 hours,stripping continuously. When completed, inspect the tank to ascertain if second cleaning is required. If so:
  • For completion add a second dose of RXSOL-20-2002-025, fill the tank with sea water 75-80% capacity and raise the temperature to 60°C maximum. Maintain this for 48 to 72 hours. And recirculate the solution .
  • Discharge and strip tank, flush with sea water, stripping continuously for 2 hours.
  • To gas-free, fill tank with sea water to overflow through vents and sounding pipes, discharge and strip completely

Product Note:
Use Hand Gloves, Goggles and safety mask before using in Tank. Keep the container tightly closed and away from direct heat, fire and sunlight.

Product Technical Specification:
RXSOL-20-2002-025 is an extremely effective  liquid blend of  concentrated emulsifier with penetrating agents,mild abrasives and wetting agents which makes this an excellent  liquid scouring cleansers for cleaning and degreasing of double bottom,deep tanks etc which is used for fuel oils It can also be used for   BOILERS,MARINE DIESEL ENGINE COOLING WATER SYSTEM and for local cleaning and degreasing of engine rooms  on deck.

Available Packing Size: 20,  25, 210  Ltr.

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