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Peracetic Acid, is an organic compound with the formula CH₃CO₃H. This organic peroxide is a colorless liquid with a characteristic acrid odor reminiscent of acetic acid. It can be highly corrosive. Peracetic acid can also be produced by oxidation of acethaldehyde. Peracetic acid is usually produced in concentrations of 5-15%.
When peracetic acid dissolves in water, it disintegrates to hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid, which will fall apart to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Peracetic acid degradation products are non-toxic and can easily dissolve in water.Peracetic acid is a very powerful oxidant; the oxidation potential outranges that of chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

-In dairy and cheese processing plants, on food processing equipment, and in pasteurizers in breweries, wineries, and beverage plants.
-To prevent bio film formation in pulp industries, and as a water purifier and disinfectant.
-As a cooling tower water disinfectant where it prevents bio film formation and controls Legionella bacteria.

Available Packing Size:  25, 30, 240 Kgs.

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