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Diethyl Carbonate a liquid with a sweet ester odor, is used as a pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediate. It is being employed as a raw material for organic synthesis reactions, such as ethylation and carboethoxylation. DEC is also used as a special solvent for precision cleaning of vacuum tubes and optical lenses.



Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Density 0.975 g/cm3
Purity 99.50 %
Melting Point −74.3°C (−101.7 °F; 198.8 K)
Boiling Point 126 to 128 °C (259 to 262 °F; 399 to 401 K)
Solubility in Water Insoluble


  • Diethyl Carbonate is used as a solvent such as in erythromycin intramuscular injections.
  • It can be used as a component of electrolytes in lithium batteries.
  • It has been proposed as a fuel additive to support cleaner diesel fuel combustion because its high boiling point might reduce blended fuels’ volatility, minimize vapor buildup in warm weather that can block fuel lines.

Diethyl carbonate (DEC) is a well-known linear organic carbonate that has wide applications. Besides its use as a fuel additive, DEC is an excellent electrolyte for lithium ion batteries and is used for the production of polycarbonates, which are globally used engineering plastics. The synthesis of DEC from CO2 helps in CO2 mitigation. It was earlier synthesized by phosgenation of ethanol, which is a toxic and dangerous process. Certain non-phosgene routes have been developed in recent years, which include oxidative carbonylation of ethanol, trans-esterification of carbonate, alcoholysis of urea, ethanolysis of CO2 and the ethyl nitrite route for DEC synthesis. This review underlines various non-phosgene methods for the synthesis of DEC by critically evaluating the catalysts used, operating conditions and mechanism of synthesis. The performances of various catalysts have been compared graphically along with the identification of problems and potential solutions. Certain engineering aspects, including kinetics and thermodynamics of the various routes, have also been highlighted. The shortcomings and research gaps have been explicitly mentioned and discussed along with required future developments and research work for DEC synthesis.
Available Packing Size: 200 Ltr.

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