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Diethyl Amine is an organic compound with the formula (CH3CH2)2NH. It is a secondary amine. It is a flammable, weakly alkaline liquid that is miscible with most solvents. It is a colorless liquid, but commercial samples often appear brown due to impurities. It has a strong ammonia-like odor.


Appearance Colourless liquid
Odor fishy, ammonical
Density 0.7074 g mL−1
Melting Point −49.80 °C; −57.64 °F; 223.35 K
Boiling Point 54.8 to 56.4 °C; 130.5 to 133.4 °F; 327.9 to 329.5 K
Solubility in Water Miscible


  • Diethylamine is manufactured by the alumina-catalyzed reaction of ethanol and ammonia. It is obtained together with ethylamine and triethylamine.
  • It is used in the production of corrosion inhibitor N,N-diethylaminoethanol, by reaction with ethylene oxide. It is also a precursor to a wide variety of other commercial products.
  • Diethylamine is also sometimes used in the illicit production of LSD.
  • Herbicides int
  • Home & industrial care intermediates
  • Intermediates
  • Lubricants
  • Methyl methyl acrylate (mma)
  • Paints & coatings
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals
  • Resins
  • Rubber modification

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