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Cobalt(II) acetate is the cobalt salt of acetic acid. It is commonly found as the tetrahydrate Co(CH3CO2)2·4 H2O, abbreviated Co(OAc)2·4 H2O. It is used as a catalyst.
Cobalt Acetate is a moderately water soluble crystalline cobalt source That decomposes to cobalt oxide on heating. It is generally immediately Available in most volumes. All metallic acetates are inorganic salts containing A metal cation and the acetate anion, a univalent (-1 charge) polyatomic ion Composed of two carbon atoms ionically bound to three hydrogen and two Oxygen atoms (symbol: ch3coo) for a total formula weight of 59.05. Acetates are excellent precursors for production of ultra high purity compounds, Catalysts, and nanoscale materials.
Cobalt Acetate is a precursor to various oil drying agents, catalysts that allow paints and varnishes to harden. Cobalt(II) acetate reacts with salenH2 to give salcomine, a precursor to a transition metal dioxygen complex:
Co(OAc)2 + salenH2 → Co(salen) + 2 HOAc
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