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Butyl Carbitol is a slow-evaporating, hydrophilic glycol ether with excellent coalescing and coupling power. Butyl Carbitol glycol ether can be considered a slower-evaporating analog of Butyl Carbitol glycol ether. It can be used in combination with Butyl Carbitol glycol ether to lower the evaporation rate and increase the hydrophobicity of the solvent package. In addition, Butyl Carbitol glycol ether offers 100% water solubility.

  • Powerful solvency
  • Coalescing ability
  • High dilution ratio
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Low viscosity
  • Wide range of applications.


Appearance colorless liquid with a sweet, ether-like odour
Boiling Point @ 760 mmHg, oC 230
Freezing Point, °C -68
Specific gravity @25/25°C 0.954
Vapor Pressure @ 20oC, mmHg 0.03
Viscosity @ 25°C, cP 5.9
Surface tension (undiluted) @ 20°C,dynes/cm 30.0
Solubility, (Solvent in water) @ 20°C, wt% <0.01
Solubility, (Water in Solvent) @ 20°C, wt% 100
Flash Point 99


  • Coupling agent and solvent in household and industrial cleaners, rust removers, hard surface cleaners and disinfectants
  • Primary solvent in solvent-based silk screen printing inks
  • Coupling solvent for resins and dyes in water-based printing inks
  • Solvent for ball point and felt tip pen inks, and textile dyeing and printing
  • Coalescent for latex adhesives
  • Deactivator and stabilizer for agricultural pesticides
  • Diluent in hydraulic brake fluid applications

Available Packing Size:  200 Ltrs.

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