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As you are aware of the current CORONA VIRUS issue which is a wide spread epidemic in all over the world . And to fight the same WHO (World Health Organization) has suggested to use ALCOHOL HAND RUB.

Alcohol Hand Rub is help fight germs and keep hands clean. Alcohol Hand Rub Solution is used undiluted to rapidly disinfect the hands. Easy and convenient to use, a popular choice for those who prefer a liquid alcohol based hand rub.Alcohol Hand Rub is  better than hand washing at killing bacteria and they effectively reduce bacterial counts on the hands. Typically, log reductions of the release of test bacteria from artificially contaminated hands average 3.5 log10 after a 30-second application and 4.0 to 5.0 log10 after a one-minute application. Alcohols are rapidly germicidal when applied to the skin, but they have no appreciable persistent (i.e., residual) activity. However, regrowth of bacteria on the skin occurs slowly after use of alcohol based hand antiseptics, presumably because of the sub-lethal effect alcohols have on some of the skin bacteria.

  • Kills bacteria without water.
  • Broad spectrum, fast-acting.
  • Enriched with emollient and moisturizer.


  • It is generally more effective at killing microorganisms and better tolerated than soap and water. Hand washing should still be carried out if contamination can be seen or following the use of the toilet.
  • Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol. Versions that contain 60 to 95% alcohol are most effective.Care should be taken as they are flammable.Alcohol-based hand sanitizer works against a variety of microorganisms but not spores.Some versions contain compounds such as glycerol to prevent drying of the skin.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has been commonly used in Europe since at least the 1980s.The alcohol-based version is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.Alco

Direction for Use:
When using an Alcohol Hand Rub

  • Apply product to the palm of one hand.
  • Rub hands together.

Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry.
The current evidence for school hand hygiene interventions is of poor quality.
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