Isobutanol is a reagent used in organic reactions. It is employed in the synthesis of new fluorinating reagents. It is also used in the lipase-catalyzed production of biodiesel as an energy source. It acts as a catalyst for the liquid-phase esterification of acetic acid by ion-exchange resins. Dehydration of fermented isobutanol is useful in the production of renewable chemicals and fuels.

Sharjah Chemical is a world-famous manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Raw Chemicals. Our RXSOL-19-1570-210 Iso Butanol is an organic compound, which is a flammable colorless liquid. It only has limited miscibility in water, however is easily soluble in regular solvents such as ethers and alcohol.

Product Description:

 Test Description

Specification Limits

Min. Max.

Unit  of Measure Test  Method
Density @ 20ºC 0.815 Kg/L ASTM D 4052
Distillation ASTM D 1078
– IBP 88 ºC
– Dry point 120 ºC
Flash point (Abel) 12 ºC IP 170
Alcohol content 99.5 % v/v Chromatography
Water @ 20 oC 0.4 % v/v ASTM D1744 (Mod)
Acidity (as Acetic acid) 50 Mg/l ASTM D1613
Visual appearance Clear & free from suspended matter