Our RXSOL-62-6238-001 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Test Kit is manufactured using top quality materials and latest technology and tested under various quality parameters.

Direction for use:

Rinse Screw Cap, glass tube with distilled water and add 25 drop of Reagent COD TK 1.

Now add 2 ml Water sample with help of syringe (or Pipette) in to the above glass tube.

Take Reagent COD TK 2 in a plastic tube up to the neck (3.5 ml) and transfer it to the above sample solution tube . Close the cap tightly . Mix Well by swirling (Use of safety goggles and hand gloves is recommended )

Take approximately 30-40 ml of paraffin wax in 100 ml glass beaker hit it on a hot plate till temperature up to 150 degree centigrade. (Use Thermometer).

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