RXSOL-20-2099-210 A fast-evaporating glycol ether with an excellent balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic character; excellent active solvency and coupling properties.is a very versatile solvent product with a good balance of many different properties. With a nearly equal balance of hydrophobic and hydrophilic character, RXSOL-20-2099-210 provides excellent performance in coatings, cleaners, and many other types of products. It is one of our fastest saling Product whis is frequently use for Dobule Bottom Tank Cleaning Purpose. RXSOL-20-2099-210 is compatible with a wide range of resin types, and it also offers 100% water solubility.

Typical Physical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.
Molecular weight (g/mol) 118.2
Boiling point @ 760 mmHg, 1.01 bar 340°F 171°C
Flash point 149°F 65°C
Freezing point -107°F -77°C
Vapor pressure@ 20°C — extrapolated 0.66 mmHg
0.89 mbar
Specific gravity (25/25°C) 0.901
Density @ 20°C
@ 25°C
7.53 lb/gal
7.49 lb/gal
0.902 g/cm³
0.898 g/cm³
Viscosity (cP or mPa•s @ 25°C) 2.9
Surface tension (dynes/cm or mN/m @ 25°C) 27.4
Specific heat (J/g/°C @ 25°C) 2.38
Heat of vaporization (J/g) at normal boiling point 348
Net heat of combustion (kJ/g) —
predicted @ 25°C
Autoignition temperature 471°F 224°C
Evaporation rate n-butyl acetate = 1.0)
(diethyl ether = 1.0)
Solubility, g/100 g @ 25°C Solvent in water
Water in solvent
Hansen solubility parameters (J/cm³)1/2
_d (Dispersion)
_p (Polar)
_h (Hydrogen bonding)
Flammable limits (vol.% in air)Lower (measured @ 170°C) Upper (measured @ 180°C) 1.13

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