Acid thickener thickens and increases the viscosity of a range of acid systems including phosphoric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric, citric, oxalic etc. It is a multifunctional material featuring effective thickening, wetting, corrosion inhibition and perfume solubilization.

Active content Blend of Ethoxylates (~100%w/w)
Amine Value 120-160
Appearance Pale yellow viscous liquid
Chemical Nature Nonionic
Flash point >250O C
Non volatiles @100OC 98-100%
Solubility Miscible in water in all ratios
Sp. Gravity at 30 degree C 0.95-1


  • Imparts very good viscosity at very low dosage.
  • Gives a stable product without any fear of separation later.
  • The product is almost colorless and transparent. This gives a very bright and sparkling final product on addition of dye.
  • Turns out to be very economical because of the low dose.
  • Easy to use readily miscible with water.
  • Long term viscosity stability.
  • Provides 90% corrosion inhibition in HCl.
  • Solubilizes easily and quickly.

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