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Excellent Cleaner for Electric Parts

A well balanced blend of non-chlorinated degresol ( Having super Degreasing power ) with surfactants which eliminates slow evaporation rate and resulting  for Cleaning and Degreasing  of electrical equipment.It provides immediate and efficient removal with a mideum evaporation rate.

Applications uses For heavy duty cleaning / degreasing applications of all motors, terminals, transformers, switchgears, tuners, busbars, relays, controls, printed circuit boards, electrical, electromechanical and mechanical equipment as brakes, chains, gears, bearings, clutches, generators, hand tools, molds, dies, slides, pumps, forklifts, valves, nuts & bolts, pipes, power tools


It works, and it works extremely well. Cleaned up the rotors very, very quickly and dried without leaving any residue. Wear protective gloves when using it and work in a well ventilated area! It’s also a superb de-greaser. Used it in an experiment to remove some very old dried grease and grime from some several decades old tools that I’d never completely cleaned up after being grimed doing automotive work with them. This included two pliers with handles that had been dipped into that red flexible plastic stuff (came that way) commonly found on electrical and electronics tools (which won’t protect you from electric shock). WARNING: Regarding plastics and materials other than steel, test it on something unimportant or in a small unimportant and hidden spot first to see if it attacks the materials. Protect painted surfaces and plastics in particular.

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