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Silica Gel White Desiccant 500 Gram

Silica gel absorbs excess moisture and condensation. Packed as per the specific requirements.

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Silica Gel White Desiccant pouch in 500 Gram manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in INDIA and Middle East.

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Loss on drying : Not more that 5% mass
Absorption Capacity : 27% min on the basis of mass
PH : 3.5 to 8.
Chlorides : 0.05% by mass max
Cobalt (as CoCl2) : 0.4 by mass max
Ammonium compounds (as NaH3): 0.5% by mass max
Sulphates (Na2SO4) : 0.5% by mass max
Packing: 25 / 50 kgs M S drum (Smaller packing available).

Dehumidifying and dehydrating agent, air condition, drying of compressed air and other gases, and liquids such as refrigerants and oils containing water in suspension.

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