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Biochemical oxygen demand BOD Test Kit

Biochemical oxygen demand Test kits for measuring Biological Oxygen Demand in water and wastewater

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Complete BOD Test Kit manufacturer and supplier. Dissolved oxygen. Biochemical oxygen demand Test kits for measuring Biological Oxygen Demand in water and wastewater for applications ranged 2 – 3000 mg/l O2.

Product Technical bulletin


(Chemical Oxygen Demand)  Range : 40-800 & 200-4000 ppm

Direction For Use

Rinse Screw Cap, glass tube with distilled water and add 25 drop of Reagent COD TK 1.

Now add  2 ml Water sample with help of syringe (or Pipette) in to the above glass tube.

Take Reagent COD TK 2 in a plastic tube up to the neck (3.5 ml) and transfer it to the above sample solution tube . Close the cap tightly . Mix Well by swirling  (Use of safety goggles and hand gloves is recommended )

Take approximately 30-40 ml of paraffin wax  in 100 ml glass beaker  hit it on a hot plate till temperature up to 150 degree centigrade. (Use Thermometer).

Now emerge the above screw caped glass tube in the hot paraffin oil.

Maintaining the Paraffin oil temperature 140 to 150 degree centigrade and digest the sample for minimum 2 hours . (If strong bubbling observed in to the screw cap glass tube solution then disconnecting heating as it may lead to explosion of glass tube  sample may contain volatile  constituent and hence this method is not suitable for the above sample discontinue & discard the glass tube solution after cooling. And follow the para 2.

Para 2

After 2 hours solution take out and place it in a fast stand set it cool slowly.

When the solution reach room temperature remove cap and add 2 drop COD TK-3. Mix well and start adding  and counting the number of drops while mixing until the color change from bluish green to redish brown  (Say ‘X” Drop)

Carry out balance titration using 2 ml distilled water in a 10 ml test jar . Repute above step  and put COD TK-4. Note down the number of drop of COD TK4 require to get the solution color change from bluish green to redish brown. (Say “Y”Drops).


If the expected COD of the test sample is more than 800 PPM then take 20 ml of sample  in 100 ml volumetric flask and diluted up to 100 ml with distilled water. Use 2 ml above diluted solution and follow direction as above. Multiply the result  obtained by 5.


Caution  : Reagent COD TK 2 is acidic , handle carefully and avoid contact with skin.

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