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Specifically designed to clean hard cases of bauxite cargo deposits or bauxite stains from CARGO HOLD.

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Product Description

Bauxite Remover manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Bauxite remover is advanced blend of various acid with additional base and inhibitor. Its powerful chemical Bauxite removal action dissolves buxite hard deposits without any mechanical action. This is the reason why Bauxite Remover is so popular for removal of BAUXITE. 

Product Technical bulletin

This is a well balanced blend of corrosion inhibitors , and surface active highly emulsified acidic materials product for the cleaning of aluminium, copper and removal of rust stains on paint work.

 * Cleans and brightens aluminium and copper.
 * Removes rust stains without risk to paintwork.
 * Safe on most common metals for Rust Removel & Passivation 

Direction for use
For rust removal the surfaces to be treated should be free form loose materials, flaking paint, dirt or oil. In most cases diluted solution of 
RXSOL-16-1088-025 , can be applied by brush ranging from 10-50% and left to react for 5 – 40 minutes then  the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with clean water jet . Smaller objects can be soaked in plastic container. After cleaning, rinse items thoroughly with a water jet.

• For aluminium , only diluted solution up to 10 – 25% can be used and rinse with in 10- 30mins.
• For stainless Steel Disc Cleaning (never use on copper, brass or bronze parts), dilute to 4 – 10 parts water, and
  immerse from 1 – 3 hours depending on the severity of the job concerned. Cleaning will be accelerated with eleva-
  te4d temperatures up to 60°C and agitaion. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For best performance on aluminium use RXSOL Degreaser for degreasing as it has a neutral pH.
Paintwork : RXSOL-16-1011-RR-20  should be diluted with water  1:4 . Then solution can be applied
by brushing, spraying for  10 – 20 minutes the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with high pressure  water.

PHYSICAL Properties

Appearance Clear & Colourless fLiquid
Specific gravity (200C) 1.21
Flash point  cc None
R 34 Causes burns.
S 26 On contact with eyes,Wash eye ball immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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